~ Earning Your Trust One Horse At A Time ~

About Us

“Hay Where’s That Blue Stuff”  was developed by Tina Dennis for use in their Stable.They found the overpriced and ineffective products on the market a waste of money!

Tina has many years of experience in the benefits of essential oils, therefore decided to develop her own product with ingredients she could trust. She would bring her blue concoctions to the barn, testing and tweaking until she got the right "Blue Stuff".  She would bring it to the barn in small plastic containers, that would make their way around the barn. The barn staff would yell down the shed row, “Hey Where's That Blue Stuff". She then started sharing with other trainers and they loved it so much and had such great success Tina decided to bottle it up and start selling to other horsemen.  She then went on to develop other great products with more in the pipeline!

    The word spread and now here we are, one of the fastest growing equine companies in the industry!  Ingredients that are safe and non-toxic, we are here to earn your trust one horse at a time!