Success Stories

Dreamin-Rain Rot-  My horse Dreamin had some crazy virus/ fungal infection run through his body. The vet still isn’t 100% sure what it was. In a span of a week he lost his hair over his neck, should, back and haunches. The vet originally thought it was rain rot (turned out to be something else) and prescribed shampoo for him to be bathed in once a week and a spray to be applied daily. However his skin was so raw and irritated the spray would burn.

I reached out to Hay where’s that blue stuff and they were wonderful, Super friendly and personable. I explained what was going on and they sent me a 3 pack. I applied that blue stuff daily to begin with and then applied it every couple days. The lotion was so smooth and soothing. Instead of running away and kicking out he would stand quietly and enjoy his applications. Two weeks later these were my results and they speak for them selves!

Hay where’s the blue stuff has amazing products that are worth every penny, wether your struggling with rain rot, fungus or scrapes from the paddock!





Ring Worm- My filly had this spot above her tail that I thought was just a rub spot. Nothing else I tried was healing it. Found out it was ringworm and I tried your Blue Stuff and after only 4 applications little hairs were already growing back! Love this stuff! A little goes a long ways! Definitely a customer for life! Thank you so much for your wonderful products!





Scoot- Rain Rot- I began using this product late last summer when my mare Scoot had a very bad case of rain rot. We live in the Houston area, and it constantly rained last spring and summer and it was so humid it made it difficult for her skin to recover. I found your product via Facebook, and it worked wonders! I used the That Blue Stuff lotion accompanied with the Fungus Amungus wash. The results were amazing! My mare had lost so much hair on her face and body that she was almost bald, but after using these products her hair regrew and completely diminished the rain rot. I just wanted to reach out to you and say that I love your product and have recommended it to my friends and family. It is a great product! Keep up the good work!





Studly- Rain Rot-  Studly went off to a trainers all shiny and beautiful but came back in pretty bad condition. He was covered in rain rot! When Studly's owner found out she immediately brought him home, she tried a few different products to help get his skin healed and nothing seemed to be helping.

This is what he looks like now after using It's a Fungus Amungus and That Blue Stuff!  





Mojo- Fungus- This is my boy Mojo. We have spent money on just about everything over the counter to cure his issue. Nothing worked!!! We used Fungus Amungus wash a few times and That Blue Stuff Lotion daily and he healed in no time!!! I am a huge fan of That Blue Stuff products and recommend it all the time!

Erin- Scratches- My horse’s legs completely healed with no scarring. I loved what your products did for his legs so much that when he sliced open his face I used Fungus Amungus to clean it daily and Blue Stuff to keep it soft and in 5 weeks it’s almost completely healed with new hair growth.
Kodak- Leg Fungus- Here are Kodak's legs after applying Hay Where's That Blue Stuff and Fungus Amungus! I cannot believe how fast this worked on his legs to bring the swelling down and rid him of the scabs!! Only a few scabs remain on his right back stocking. Thank you so much for inventing this concoction!
Louie - Scratches- When we started talking, I had indicated he only had two small dots of scratches. Well this blew up horribly and he now has the entire backside of his pattern covered in scratches, after going away for a weekend. So frustrating! I'm so happy that you came out with a product that makes it so I don't have to scrub and cause so much pain for these two very sweet horses, as I have in the past with other products.
Rico- A Cut Above The Eye-  I used Hay wheres that "Blue Stuff," once on my horses cut above his eye, and less than 12 hours later it looks so much better! This product is amazing, and I am hooked!






Tugen- Scratches- I wanted to say wow... Hay Where's That Blue Stuff I was extremely skeptical, but tried every commercial brew, home brew, witches brew, anything to get rid of Tugen's scratches. This is before and at 10 days!






Cash- Scratches- My Horse Cash developed a severe case of scratches several months ago on his left front pastern. The Pastern was completely bald with open sores that would scab over. The scabs would then fall off, exposing the raw tender skin beneath, only to scab over again, in a vicious cycle. I tried numerous products and have found only That Blue Stuff and Fungus Amungus have worked. 






Morla- Tail Rub- I wanted to send you my before and after photos of my pony mare. She kept rubbing her tail terribly and it was very irritated and raw between her hind legs. After about a week of the wash and lotion she is like a new pony! I'm so impressed.






Ethan- Scratches- Your product is amazing... I have struggled with Scratches for several months trying everything with no sulfur due to an allergy. People on the Draft Horse Friends page recommended you. These results have taken about 16 days... so excited that something is working... Thanks! 














Fungus Covered- I just wanted to let you know I used the product "Hay where that blue stuff" on my horse that I rescued, she was very malnourished and had fungus head to toe. I just want wanted to share with you the before and after photos and see how amazing your stuff really works. Thank you so much. ~ Owner






Percy - Rain Scald - Percy's skin was very red and irritated and had significant hair loss, owner used both It's A Fungus Amungus Shampoo and That Blue Stuff Lotion. After a couple weeks, hair had regrown and skin was back to normal.

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